Frequently Asked Questions


Can products be personalised?

Of course! We provide free personalisation of our products, including small symbols, writing or inscriptions. We can also change colours or created tailored projects for you. Find out more on the personalisation page.

Where are your products made?

At our workshop in Deruta.

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide a manufacturer's warranty: 100 years for all ceramic tops and 10 years against rusting for all iron elements. For full information go to the "WARRANTIES" page

Can I contact you by phone?

You can call or write to the Sales Reference Person, Andrea Ferretti, on WhatsApp, from 9.00 to 19.30 at +39 328 420 5183

Is it possible to visit your workshop, to see the production process?

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to our production facility of Showroom in Torgiano. We will be delighted to show you the entire production process, from the hand painting of volcanic stone to firing in the furnace.

Do you have any offers?

Yes, you can browse them in the Outlet section

Do you have anything ready in stock?

Of course. You can choose directly from over 200 ceramic tables at the facility Showroom.

Are they hand painted?

Yes, our products are entirely Made in Italy, glazed, painted and crystalline coated by hand, with original decorations, created by our artisans.

What are your opening times?

Opening times are 9.00 -13.00 / 14.30 19.00 on all weekdays. Production does not take place regularly on Saturday and Sunday. Upon request we can open the Show Room, for a coffee together.

What is the thickness?

There is a 1.18-inch thickness.

How much does a lava stone table weigh?

The weight is 13.32 pounds per square foot.

Do your products have any defects?

All our items undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure only perfect ones reach our customers. Any minor imperfections are signs of artisan authenticity, however we guarantee they do not compromise product use or appearance.

Do the colours of products change over time?

Ceramicised lava stone is one of the most resistant materials to chemical wear over time; if protected from mechanical stress, such as scratches or impact, our products remain unaltered for centuries.

What products can I use to clean them?

You can use all normal cleaning products, however we do not recommend strongly abrasive products, like metal sponges.

I live in the mountains and temperatures drop significantly in the winter. Are your tables resistant to such temperatures?

Giardini Italiani were originally conceived as tables for outdoor and garden use. They have no problem with temperatures from -76 °F to 1832 °F and have Bologna Ceramics Centre certification, confirming their hardness and scratch-resistance.

Can I leave the table out all year? How does it react to rain and brine?

The ceramic top and galvanised base are resistant to atmospheric agents and brine. They are above all tables for outdoor and garden use and have no problems at temperatures from -76 °F to 1832 °F; they have Bologna Ceramics Centre certification, confirming their hardness and scratch-resistance. so not even sand is a problem.

Are cushion covers removable?

All cushions have removable covers and are washable; the fabrics are Dralon or Cotton. They are ideal for outdoor use and are highly resistant to inclement weather.


Do prices include VAT?

Yes. All prices include VAT.

Invoice, advance payment and down payment, how do they all work?

The order starts officially when we receive a 20% advance payment on the full amount. We send the first invoice for the advance payment one week later.
A week before product delivery we will enquire as to whether you wish to pay by bank transfer or credit card, in which case we will need to receive payment before product delivery; or by banker's draft or cash: in this case, you can pay upon delivery
The invoice for the full amount is issued together with the product.
For further information, go the specific section: Payment method

What are the delivery times?

Delivery takes 4-8 weeks, worldwide.

Does shipping include final delivery to door, and how much does it cost?

Shipping includes delivery to door, or for slightly less, delivery to destination address, where you will collect the product and autonomously see to its installation. The cost varies according to delivery zone. We will provide you with full details on shipping costs in the quotation

Read the specific section for further information: Transport and delivery.

Payment methods

In order to satisfy your requirements, we offer different payment methods, making your purchase as simple as possible. We accept electronic payments with credit card, bank transfers. Choose your preferred payment method and proceed with your transaction in full safety.

Once the order is placed, how long until you dispatch the goods?

After receiving the order and checking the payment, we get to work straight away to fulfil your request. Products ready for dispatchment will be delivered to the courier within 3-4 days of order placement (excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays), whereas any products that need to be made may take up to 6 weeks (except for December and August festive periods, when times may be longer).

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, you have 5 days from order confirmation to make changes or cancel; contact us by email in order to do so. Please note that after 5 days, or once goods have been shipped, you will no longer be able to change or cancel the order.

What happens if I don't like the received goods, or if they fail to live up to my expectations?

After receiving the order, you have 10 days to rethink. Please promptly inform us by any means available to you: using our online form or by email, by writing to [email protected]. We will then provide you with the address so that you can return goods, which must be carefully packaged at your own expense and responsibility. Please visit the page for further information Refund and return policy.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

If you decide to cancel the order or return goods, we will refund you within 14 days from order cancellation (which you can submit on the website in the personal area, or by email), or from the reception of returned goods. Please note that in case of the return of goods, we only refund goods in perfect condition and free from damage.

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