Giardinitaliani gives you a 10-year warranty on iron elements and a 100-year warranty on ceramic countertops

Each product has been carefully selected by


Satisfaction or money back guarantee applies on all products according to current regulations, described below. guarantees that all decors have been hand-painted, that the tops are certified against impact (UNI EN ISO 10545 - 5:2000 - Determination of resistance to the'impact) and against frost. Temperature resistance ranges from -76 °F to 1796 °F.


All products are 100% made in Italy, from the'quarrying of volcanic stone or travertine, galvanizing of the bases, and final processing. Because of the quality of raw materials and workmanship, forged iron products (bases, chairs, armchairs, benches) are guaranteed 10 years against rust spot, and all ceramic countertops are guaranteed 100 years against color loss or scratching under normal use. The conditions governing the Warranty and Right of Withdrawal are given in the appropriate sections below. For more information before or during the'purchase you can contact the Customer Support.


It is of fundamental importance to keep the purchase document (Invoice or Tax Receipt) in order to be able to prove the applicability of the conditions provided.


1. The Products purchased are subject to the warranties provided for by the Civil Code and, in the case of a Consumer Customer, to those provided for in Articles 128 et seq. of the Consumer Code. The warranty applied to the Products covers defects in manufacture or originating from transportation and assembly (when assembly is by Giardinitaliani).

2. Pursuant to the’article 129 of the Consumer Code, the legal warranty of 24 months applies to the Product purchased by the Consumer Customer that has a lack of conformity. A Product has a conformity defect when: it is not suitable for the’use for which a product of the same type is customarily used; does not conform to the description made by the Seller and does not possess the qualities of the product that the Seller has presented to the Consumer Customer as a sample or model; does not have the qualities the usual performance of a product of the same type, which the Consumer Customer can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the product and, if applicable, public statements on the specific characteristics of the Product made in this regard by the Seller, the Manufacturer or its agent or representative, particularly in advertising on the’labeling; it is also not suitable for the’particular use desired by the Consumer Customer and which has been brought to the knowledge of the Seller by the latter at the time of the conclusion of the Contract and which the Seller has accepted even by conclusive facts. 3. Pursuant to the article 132 of the Consumer Code, the Consumer Customer under penalty of forfeiture is required to report the lack of conformity against two months after its discovery.

4. Pursuant to the article 130, paragraph 3, of the Consumer Code, the Consumer Customer may at its option request the Seller to repair or replace the Product. In any case, repairs will be carried out within a reasonable period of time from the request, without causing significant inconvenience to the Consumer Customer, as stipulated in the article 130, paragraph 5, of the Consumer Code.

5. If the remedies set forth in the preceding paragraph are impossible or excessively burdensome, the Consumer Customer shall have the right, at its option, to a price reduction or possible termination of the Contract. However, termination of the Contract is excluded in the event that a minor lack of conformity has occurred for which it has not been possible or is excessively burdensome to exhaust the remedies of repair or replacement.

6. Defects caused to the Product by transportation or by the incorrect assembly, where these are not included in the Contract, by the improper use or use not in accordance with the normal purpose d’use of the Product, failure to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, ordinary wear and tear, and any other circumstances not attributable to Seller.

7. The Customer is required to carefully review and retain the operating and maintenance instructions supplied with the Product before using it.

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