Bring your design to life

Create the table of your dreams with a personal touch

Each setting deserves a personal touch, which reflects the soul and style of those who inhabit it. This has inspired us to provide a personalisation service, an opportunity for you to express your creativity and transform a simple table into a work of art that speaks volumes about you.

Our artists are ready to listen to you, to advise and guide you in the creation of your unique piece. Create Your Table. From the smallest of extra touches to full personalisation, the table of your dreams awaits.

What can you personalise?

Once you have selected your favourite decoration, you will have the unique opportunity to make the table even more special. Add the following free of charge:

  • Your initials
  • A meaningful inscriptions
    • Your company logo
    • Any graphic or text element you like.

This will make each ceramic table unique, not only due to its artisan decoration, but also in virtue of the personalised message it carries.

How to start?

To start, simply indicate the decoration, shape and size of your desired table, in the contacts section of our website. You will be contacted by a Giardini Italiani artist to discuss your ideas, specific image requests and technical specifications. Remember, the graphic simulation of your personalised project is entirely free of charge, so be inspired and bring to life the design you have always dreamed of.

Use the form below to provide us with initial indications on your project. If you need support or further information on personalisation opportunities, our consultants look forward to guiding you along each step of the process.

Create Your Personalised Table

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I choose any size for my personalised table?

    • Yes, we provide a variety of standard sizes and also accommodate specific measurements to satisfy your space requirements; we also make moulded kitchen tops.

    How long does it take to make a personalised table?

    The time varies according to design complexity, but usually it takes just as long as a table from our collection. In any case we are committed to specifying clear delivery times upon order placement.

    Is there an additional charge for personalised tables?

    A brief inscription or a change of colour are provided at no extra charge.