Lava stone tables

Lava stone tables 1

All our departments Lava stone tables provide customers with the ultimate warranty: Giardinitaliani ceramic tables, made of lava stone, are resistant to any temperature and scratching, ensuring peace of mind for those who purchase the product.

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, lava stone tables can be used to furnish salons or gardens with extreme elegance, safe in the knowledge that atmospheric agents like rain, wind and wear, will never scratch their surface.

Thanks to their extreme resistance properties, our ceramic surfaces can even be used as kitchen tops, a characteristic guaranteed by a certificate issued by the university of Bologna, in addition to also being resistant to water infiltration, thanks to a special crystalline layer.

Our lava stone is extracted from the quarries of Soriano del Cimino (Viterbo) and this type in particular provides the perfect balance of elasticity and resistance, with a 3 cm thickness.

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