Our products

Perfect for indoor and outdoor

A ceramic top, for its characteristics of resistance to any temperature and to scratches, can be inserted in every context of our houses: from splendid furnishing element for the living room to the kitchen on which to cut and to support pots Hot. Its natural use remains the outside: in the garden or on the terrace we will no longer be afraid of extreme atmospheric agents such as hail and snow. Thanks to their great versatility, ceramic tops are among the most popular materials in the world. Choose it to make your environment unique and valuable.

The test of Time

Giardinitaliani Artisans love to define our ceramic plans with the adjective of "eternal". In fact, a ceramic Giardinitaliani does not fade (the color of the decorations remains vivid and saturated forever), it does not opacify (all the brightness and contrast of the painting is maintained forever), it does not fear the shocks, (can be used even as a plane to Kitchen, and we have certified it) and not affected by water infiltration (thanks to a special layer of crystalline its waterproofing is equal to 100%)

Decorations of the Deruta tradition

The master decorators with whom we are proud to collaborate bring on the ceramic plans Giardinitaliani the ancient tradition of the decorators of Deruta, famous school with more than 600 years of tradition.

100% Italian and hand-painted

The hands of our craftsmen heal the entire production process: from the raw material to the final quality control, making each ceramic top a unique and unrepeatable piece. Only the best materials are used, such as the volcanic stone extracted from the "Soriano del Cimino" Quarries in the Viterbo, which offers a perfect balance between strength and elasticity in three centimeters thick. The whole is packaged with a thin layer of crystalline glass that guarantees maximum waterproofing. The delicate cooking process in the electric oven is the result of an experience put to use in decades of activity. With Giardinitaliani you choose an art object of great value.