FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Giardinitaliani is the authorized reseller of Fergam Srl, long-standing company in Deruta, manufacturer of ceramic tables and undisputed market leader. We have a workshop and a Show-Room in Torgiano in Piazza Santa Maria n. 5.

The Giardinitaliani shop in Torgiano

Why pay more for the same product? The online sale of Fergam products allows us not to require storage and rental costs. The difference in price is a savings applied to the final product price and is a savings for our customers, with respect to the price list, by 42%.

Tables are produced by Fergam, shipped and assembled at home by Fergam. If you wish we can meet at the Fergam manufacturing plant where you’ll see first-hand the quality of the tables in our catalog and perhaps think together of any customization needs you may have.

We provide the manufacturer's warranty. The  Fergam warranty is for 100 years on all ceramic tops and 10 years against rust on all the iron parts. For more information please read the "GUARANTEE AND RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL Discover maximum safety when purchasing!"

You can contact the Sales Coordinator, Andrea Ferretti at +39 328 420 5183 from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Central European Time)

Yes. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The order officially begins when we receive a deposit of 25% of the total order amount. The following week we mail an invoice regarding the deposit.

A week before the product is shipped we'll ask you if you wish to pay by bank transfer or by credit card: in this case, the payment must be received before the product is delivered; or if you wish to pay by bank draft cheque or cash, then the payment is made on delivery. The balance invoice is issued along with the product.

To learn more please see the section: PRICES AND METHODS OF PAYMENT.

Yes of course! Since all the decorations are created by experienced art pottery painters from Deruta, it makes no difference to us whether we make a standard or a personalized decoration. To this end we create free sketches, with the aim of trying to interpret the customer’s needs, who will approve the drawings only when fully satisfied.

Customization includes designing, changing the decorations, inclusion of a simple dedication or initials of a loved one. Discover all about customization, CLICK HERE.

Delivery times vary from 4-8 weeks, all over the world.

Shipment includes the delivery and installation at the requested floor or, for a slightly lower price, delivery to the destination address where you will receive the product and install it on your own. The cost is variable, depending on the delivery area. We will provide the cost of shipping details in the estimate.

To learn more please read the section: TRANSPORT AND DELIVERY TIMES.

Certainly. You can choose from over 200 ceramic tables already made directly from our factory show-room.

It would be a pleasure for us to host you in Deruta at our manufacturing plant or in our Torgiano show-room. We will show you the entire production process, from hand painting on volcanic stone to firing the tiles in the kiln.

The opening hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. / 2:30 p.m. 7 p.m. every weekday. The production process is not carried out regularly on Saturdays and Sundays. Upon request, we can open the show-room and have a coffee together.

Giardinitaliani tables are created as outdoor tables for gardens. They have no problems whatsoever with temperatures ranging from -60° to 1000° and are certified with the Bologna Ceramic Center which certifies the hardness and scratch resistance.

The thickness is 3 cm.

The weight is 65 kg per square meter.

Yes, you can find out more consulting "CURRENT SPECIALS"

Neither the ceramic surface nor the galvanized base fear weathering and salt. They are mainly outdoor garden tables and as such have no problems with temperatures ranging from -60° to 1000° and are certified by the Bologna Ceramic Centre, which attests their hardness and scratch resistance, so sand too is not a problem.

All cushion covers are removable and washable; the fabrics used are either Dralon or Cotton. They are ideal for outside use and are very resistant to weather factors.