Tables made of lava rock

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All our lava stone tables offer maximum guarantees to our customers: the ceramic tables made of lava stone, signed Giardinitaliani, can withstand any temperature and scratches, guaranteeing total peace of mind to its owner when purchasing the product.
The lava stone tables, ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, can be used to furnish lounges or gardens with the utmost elegance, keeping in mind that weather conditions such as rain, wind and wear will not be able to scratch their surfaces.
Thanks to their extremely resistant features, our ceramic tops can be used even as kitchen furniture tops. This characteristic is guaranteed by the University of Bologna certification. The ceramic tops are also water proof, thanks to a special crystalline layer.
Our lava stone is extracted from the Soriano del Cimino (Viterbo) quarries; a type of volcanic stone that offers a perfect balance between elasticity and resistance that is 3cm thick.

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